About me

I have been working in the animal industry for 30 years. I managed dog, cat and bird departments in different large pet shops for more than 12 years. I studied the behavior and nutrition of dogs and parrots, kennel management, marketing, bird management, artificial incubation of parrots, nutrition and breeding of dogs and parrots, do import-export, worked for a large American kennel, had 2 grooming salons and, finally, write a book on parrots published in 2004.

To this day, I still own LA NOBLE PATTE & PASSION MALTIPOO, professional  breedings of Maltese,  Toy Poodle from international champion lines and still mentor for the organization FUTURPRENEUR CANADA formerly « young entrepreneurs of Quebec » for several beginners  breeders and new traders in e-commerce (being a pioneer in Quebec in the field since 1996).

I never stopped studying and learning about animals. That’s why I’m always curious and open to news about animals. I love to develop and create. My way of working reflects that side of me that could be described as perfectionist. I always have a reason and a goal in what I do and I evolve according to the novelties that I discover.

My ultimate goal is to get as many owners as possible to understand what’s going on in their dog’s head, how he reacts and transmits his emotions so that we can see decrease the outrageous number of dogs euthanized each year all over the world. In 2018 it was around 300,000 (three hundred miles), only in Quebec, Canada. I have proven time and time again that the biggest dog behavior problem is the human, the one who says he’s his best friend !!! There will be no rest or retreat to convey my message.

Come with me, take a walk, in the neurons of the dog’s brain to discover what makes him happy to live with his human, despite everything!

Here, we educate the human!

Johanne Berard